TesseracTstudio proudly presents 5th studio album from Zyce project!more... click to collapse contents For almost a century now, scientific community has been looking for proof, a theory that unifies the four fundamental natural forces. The search for the fifth dimension led them to incredible, mindblowing conclusions and assumptions, making us all wonder about the nature of reality, and ispiring us with incredible theories, which if proven correct, will change everything we know and hold true.

Many went even further, and one such theory proposes a space of ten compacted dimensions and one additional, 11th dimension allowing the existence of superstrings. Tiny, vibrating strings resposible for everything there is. Much like this theory, Zyce created 11 individual unique pieces vibrating together at the same frequency and creating a whole universe of it's own.

The eleven tracks of this album are sealed with sacred symbols acquired across the continents, each having it's special meaning and inspiration for each of the tracks. Three years in the making, Fifth Dimension is Zyce's most accomplished work so far, with 5 outstanding solo tracks and 6 collaborations with renowned artists Sub6, Liquid Soul feat. Solar Kid, Talpa, Gaudium, Morten Granau and Shake.

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