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TesseracTstudio is one of the leading psytrance and progressive trance music labels, founded in Serbia back in the year 2010. Until today, label has released more than 30+ CD releases and 300+ digital releases, including sinlgles, EPs, albums and VA compilations. TesseracTstudio is also recognized as creator of #serbianstyle psy-progressive. Today, TesseracTstudio is home to both leading Serbian and worldwide international psytrance artists such as Zyce, Talpa, E-Clip, Flegma, Sideform, Vertex, Sonic Entity, Relativ, Arhetip and many more.

TesseracTstudio is one of the worldwide leading progressive trance and psytrance music labels from Serbia.

Story of TesseracTstudio begins in year 2010, when few good friends decide to share ideas about music, design, science and arts in general. It all started with discussion & brainstorming about logo and the name... "In geometry, the tesseract is the four-dimensional analogue of the cube; the tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square." And that's how the logo and name TesseracTstudio was born.

Soon after, the first release saw the light of the day. A debut album by Zyce & Flegma joint project ECTIMA called "Ground Defense" hits the worldwide music stores and sets the ground for bright future of TesseracTstudio.

During the years to come, TesseracTstudio have cooperated and released music from major Serbian projects such as Zyce, Talpa, Flegma, E-Clip, Ectima, Sideform, Relativ, Vertex, Arhetip, Nerso, Sonic Entity and many more. At the same time, label gets recognized by leading names of psytrance scene and releases collaboration tunes and remixes of Phaxe, Liquid Soul, Zen Mechanics and others.

Today, TesseracTstudio is one of the leading psy-prog and psytrance music labels worldwide with over 30+ CD releases and more than 270 digital releases, including singles, EPs, compilations and albums.

TesseracTstudio artists have performed and are indispensable part of lineups at most of the major psytrance festivals such as: BOOM, Ozora, Universo Paralelo, Rainbow Serpent, Psy Fi, Psychedelic Experience, Indian Spirit, Mundo de Oz, One Love, Psychedelic Circus, Free Earth, Mandallah, S.U.N. and many more.

As the label and it's artists grew and after many years of experience with promoters, festivals, clubs, organizations and friends, our label artists had a clear need to improve their booking management. Both to have more time to do what they do best - music, but also to help promoters and organizers in achieveng most out of their booking. And finally in the year 2018, TesseracTagency was born and plays integral part of TesseracTstudio future growth.

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