Tom and Jenny

"Tom & Jenny" is the stunning new project From Austrian psytrance producer Artyficial and the love of his life, Jenny. An original and indescribable musical journey of Latin guitar sounds; driving303 synth lines; heart opening melodies and melting cinematic soundscapes. Into this potent brew they have added that spicy scent of psychedelia which takes you on a very special cosmic journey. Each track starts with a different intention. Fusing both male and female vitality into the track, they develop a different approach, creating a balanced, unifying form of vibrant, fun-loving psytrance. Dive into this musical aura and surround yourself with the highest frequencies available on the dancefloor. "Tom & Jenny's" goal is to provide hybrid sound structures that vitalize your whole body and enhance your whole entire dance experience! In February 2021 they released their debut album „Higher Game“ on TesseractStudio. Let`s dance.

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