Nikola Kozić & Dalibor Delić

Ectima is psy-progressive tech-trance project created by leaders of TesseracTstudio - Flegma (Dalibor Delic) and Zyce (Nikola Kozic).

Ectima's unique style can be described as constant sound-shifting, dynamic breaks and changes of rhythmic patterns. The dynamic duo started their idea for collaboration in the year 2004, when they met for the first time and created the idea of extraordinary underground project.

Debut album "NO WAY OUT" was released for Geomagnetic TV from USA in 2008 and brought a lot of attention to this dynamic duo, which started performing recently after worldwide in Russia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia and others.

Nikola and Dalibor have not only joined forces for Ectima, very soon they have created artist organization called "TesseracTstudio", which became record label in 2009 and a home label for Ectima project.

Soon after, second album under the name "GROUND DEFENSE" was released on TesseracTstudio in 2010 and it was extremely well perceived by the major psytrance festivals, which invited Ectima to perform live - BOOM Festival and Universo Parallelo as main, followed by many other festivals around the globe.

Ectima's 3rd studiom album called "THE CLASH OF THE CIVILIZATION" was released in 2015 on TesseracTstudio and established Ectima as the leading underground psy-tech-trance project. On this album Ectima had collaborations with names like Phaxe, Zen Mechanics and Artifakt, which also recognized dynamic duo as leading underground project on psy-progressive scene.

Today Ectima is working on the 4th album, and the plan is to be out during 2018, stay tuned ...

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