Nikola Gašić

Sonic Entity is Nikola Gasic from Belgrade, Serbia. After a decade of involvement within Progressive and Psychedelic scene, Nikola started music production in the year 2008 and after few years of hard work, he released his first EP's in 2011.

His debut album "Twister" was released in summer 2012 on Yellow Sunshine Explosion and brought a lot of attention to Nikola, who continued his hard work and released several EP's in next 2 years on labels such as Iono Music, TesseracTstudio, Echoes Records and others.

As he had a long history with psytrance and as he very quickly adopted new techniques in music production, Nikola has released his 2nd studio album in February 2015 under the name "Altered Fiction" on renowned psy-progressive label TesseracTstudio, which recognized his high-quality sound and became his home label soon after.

With this album, Nikola already established his recognizable psy-progressive sound which consists of strong bass-line, multicolored melodies and rich atmospheres, being great at any time of the day or night, either in open air or club.

In 2016 Nikola released single "Dreamcatcher" which was one of his most played tracks and in 2017 he joined forces with Zyce and created "Tidal" - a single that was for quite some time number 6 on Psytrance Top100 charts!

For the last few years, Nikola has become a standard part of some of the largest festivals and he played at Psyfi, Psychedelic Circus, Maitreya, Hadra, Shankra Festival and many others.

He is currently working on his 3rd studio album called "Primal Visions", which will be out in December 2017 at TesseracTstudio.

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