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VA - Serbia Brasil Connection 2!

The wait is over - 'Serbia Brasil Connection 2' is finally here! A very strong connection between Serbian artists and world's most powerful & energetic dance-floors resulted in a very special VA compilation which is a perfect blend of #serbianstyle and Brazilian psytrance on 1 compilation with 9 tracks and 13 artists!

'Serbia Brasil Connection 2' includes tracks from some of the best psy-prog and psytrance artists such as Talpa, Vegas, Flegma, Dang3r, E-Clip, Verthsin, Zyce, Perception, Relativ, Tijah, Wanted, Kadum and Sidhu!

As a result of, we got more than 1 hour of psytrance with strong kicks, heavy-weight bass-lines, precisely chopped vocals, perfectly tuned melodies and high-quality sound production.