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What is 'Serbian Style' and why? Well, let us tell you a short story. A story of small country on Balkan called Serbia. Land of 'rakija', 'cevapcici', 'kafana' and welcoming hosts. But also a home to some of the world's greatest minds, such as Nikola Tesla - inventor of current/electricity, without which, electronic music and psytrance would not exist.

Over the past decade, Serbia has grown many talented psytrance producers who became headliners at some of the finest parties and festivals all around the world. Our label, TesseracTstudio, has also grown and counts more than 180 digital and 30 CD releases over the past 8 years. All this lead to recognition of 'Serbian Style', which was actually first mentioned by people in parties around Brasil and spread by fellow artists from other countries, giving us idea of creating this unique compilation.

'Serbian Style' compilation is our way to say THANKS to all our fans, friends, fellow artists, promoters and people who gave birth to this amazing idea. Idea which is one-of-a-kind. Idea which brought 22 artists together in one story, working and breathing as one. Idea to show you a bit of Serbia through sound and to invite you to be our guest in parties, drinking 'rakija' or eating 'cevapcici' somewhere on Danube river. Let us show you 'Serbian Style'!


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