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Monthly Showcase | April 2019

Hey there our dear psytrance freaks! Here is a monthly TesseracTstudio showcase in which KiM0 playing unreleased and released tunes during that month, so that you always have fresh new music to listen at: your home, car, travel, kitchen, after-party, pre-party or anywhere you could be on this planet!

In April episode we have fresh new tunes from label artists ILAI, E-Clip who remixed Kalki hit track "Japan", Flegma, Shivatree new 2 tune EP, Sonic Entity as well as tunes from guests Cosmic Flow, Sentinel 7 and Copycat!

Track list:

  1. ILAI - Avant-garde
  2. Sentinel 7 - Raven
  3. Kalki - Japan (E-Clip remix)
  4. Sonic Entity - Energy Follows Thought
  5. Cosmic Flow - Speed of Light
  6. Flegma - Mirror Universe
  7. Shivatree & Modus - Affected
  8. Shivatree - Hyperactive
  9. Copycat - Divinity