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Serbian Style Vol. 2 is out!

Serbian Style saga continues - after a year in creating, planning, selecting and arranging, TesseracTstudio is extremely proud to present volume 2 of well-known #serbianstyle compilation!

This time Serbian Style gathers 16 serbian artists, in 15 carefully selected tunes by label head and DJ KiM0, starting from progressive to psytrance and back, from 138 to 147bpm, all precisely packed into one story - a psytrance story of Serbia.

And to bring you even closer to our artists and culture, their inspiration and motivation, all tunes are named in Serbian and present a Serbian word, motive, city, river, well-known person or anything that used to inspire our artists in creating the tunes for you.

But not only that, we have gone a step further in order to bring you something unique! To create an authentic tale and thanks to imaginativeness of our artists, compilation is filled with ethnic and organic sounds of Serbia, so you will have a chance to hear one-of-a-kind blend of psytrance with local motives, sounds and instruments.

'Serbian Style' compilation is our way to say THANKS to all our fans, friends, fellow artists, promoters and people who gave birth to this amazing idea. Idea which brought 16 artists together in one story, working and breathing as one. Idea to bring you closer to our artists. So,...

Let's get to the dance-floor and dance the #serbianstyle together!

Grab it here.